How is East Meets West From the Bottom Up different from all the other books on fibromyalgia?

We introduce a new concept, heretofore never mentioned in the literature: a root cause of the pain!

Understanding a root cause allows you to take control of your fibromyalgia symptoms in order to unblock energy fields that are out of balance.  When these energy fields are out of balance, many bodily systems are out of balance and therefore, multiple symptoms arise.  Presently, these symptoms are treated by different medications developed to quiet the symptoms only. As you know, medications lead to side effects, especially if you take several medications at the same time.

We identify one root cause of your pain which lowers your body’s energy fields on a consistent basis.  When bodily energy fields are lowered, all bodily systems are affected, down to the cellular level.  Our book identifies a powerful foot-body connection in which energy fields are related in a positively or negatively balanced position.  We introduce you to a Self-Help protocol in which you can help yourself return weakened energy fields into a better positive balance.  The consistent use of our protocol, for the rest of your life, will help you reduce or cure your symptoms, without medication.

Our health care delivery system today is in crisis in many ways.  Monetarily, it is incomprehensible how generations to come will be able to continue to pay for health care in the manner in which it exists today.  By understanding why many systems go out of balance due to energy field decreases, we give you an ability to help you create your own good health.  Our protocol reduces the pain of fibromyalgia so quickly that oftentimes, it is hard to believe!

Good luck in learning our Self-Help protocol.  In my book, East Meets West From The Bottom Up, you will meet many patients who will share their experiences with you as a means of helping you gain a “New Life!”  Follow this protocol for the rest of your long, happy life.


Dr. Howard G. Groshell, Jr.



Dr. Howard G. Groshell, Jr

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