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Is Your Computer Hurting Your Fibromyalgia Pain?

Dr. Howard G. Groshell, Jr No Comments

Some things we just don’t want to hear, and the following will probably be near the top of the list. I talk about energy field weakening life forces that add to your fibromyalgia pain, including poor foot biomechanics, poor diet and use of processed sugar and wheat and stressful life style and situations.

I am sure you could add many more. The one I rarely hear about, if ever, is the strong negative response our body can have from the projected energy field of the computer. Remember, our body has its own energy field. If the computer’s energy field is strong enough to disrupt your energy fields, you will have negative side effects, causing fibromyalgia pain to flare out of control.

Sorry, just another law of nature. What can you do?

Let’s hear it for progress. Many of my patients over the years would relate how much better they felt over the week-end. Didn’t we all feel better away from the stress of work! Stress is a major precursor to fibromyalgia pain–that’s no great revelation..duh!! However, let your body give you the answer physically to the question.

When you first come to the office Monday morning, I personally evaluate how you feel. Are you stiff all over or are your muscles relaxed and flexible? What is your energy level? Assuming that your boss and coworkers have not upset you yet, do a simple 5-minute test.

l. Sit in front of your computer in the “off” mode for 30 seconds. Get up and walk around your chair once and sit down again. Was getting up easy or labored? Were you stiff or flexible?

2. Sit down again in front of your computer now in the “on” and functional mode and go to work.

3. In 5-minutes, get up and walk away from your computer.

Was getting up as easy or more labored than it was at the beginning of the test? Were you more stiff and less flexible than at the beginning of the test? How were your energy and pain levels?

Your body will give you your answer in a short time. Please don’t scoff at this simple short-term test. Many people will show no change. Some will be very surprised and be given cause to ponder. How much does the computer’s energy field really affect my health? Can it cause or heighten fibromyalgia pain?

You don’t need a second opinion from any world-renowned expert on this subject. Your body will always give you the right answer for your own personal “law of nature.”

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