What inspired Dr. Groshell to write East Meets West From the Bottom Up?

Her life no longer belonged to the woman she once was. Her numerous failed attempts at finding a long-lasting treatment that worked for fibromyalgia were eventually forgotten. The cage she dreamed of escaping became a haven where she hid from the world. Numbing her body, she also had a numb heart. She didn’t notice.

“People suffering from fibromyalgia have been prone to slipping away into a bedridden state of despair when treating their symptoms becomes too much for the body to handle,” Dr. Groshell said. “While medication has its benefits, it also has its flaws, especially when multiple medications are prescribed to fight off all the symptoms.”

As he watched fibromyalgia sufferers get lost in a sea of medical uncertainty, Dr. Groshell was determined to find an answer, a way back to healthy and pain-free living. Supported by case studies within the medical community, Dr. Groshell reveals his greatest discovery, one of the main root causes of fibromyalgia and how to heal from it.

Megan Rellahan

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