For every treatment that hits the bustling fibromyalgia market there seems to be a catch phrase that explains how “different” and “innovative” the product or company is. But there is a hard line between being “different” and being “innovative.” Being “different” is just a matter of stating a claim; being “innovative” is the byproduct of presenting something that no one has ever seen, with evidence of positive results. Our mission is to invigorate a change in the way that western medicine approaches the treatment of fibromyalgia and chronic pain, presenting nearly fifty years of positive results. For far too long, patients have been left with mainly one option: prescription medicine. But what happens when you suffer side effects from your regular dosage? You’re told that these side effects are “normal”–what exactly is normal about hallucinations, dizziness, nausea, or dramatic mood-swings? Normal is just another way of saying, “we can’t do anything about it, therefore, we’ll justify the problem(s) as common or less of a drawback than the condition itself.”

Pain in fibromyalgia is particularly frustrating because no one can seem to solve the mystery of why it’s there. After all, that’s what hurts the most about pain; the fact that we can’t explain its existence. In some cases with fibromyalgia, doctors or medical professionals won’t even acknowledge a problem even exists, let alone try to explain it. Some patients don’t even get the “common courtesy” of having someone trying to solve their mystery; they’re just ignored or told they need to change their line of thinking…

What it all boils down to is a lack of understanding, or more precisely, a lack of knowledge. Medical practitioners are not evil people, no one has nefarious intentions, ignoring people just because they’re getting a rise out of it. It is our belief that if medical professionals and their patients had a method to correct fibromyalgia and chronic pain they would undoubtedly use it. It’s our mission to provide the fibromyalgia community and its practitioners a protocol which explains the root cause of fibromylagia pain and how to correct it. You don’t need prescription medicine. You don’t need expensive surgeries. We’re using the two hands that our Great Maker gave us. In accordance with our mission, we promise to provide you one of the most comprehensive and detailed fibromyalgia treatments the industry has to offer, and to present this information with the utmost professionalism. We are doctors that understand the cause of your pain, and we are artists that feel where you’re coming from. We believe in providing quality information to help you understand your condition. We also realize that sometimes the best coping mechanism has nothing to do with medicine, it has everything to do with how we communicate with one another. The chance to make each other laugh, inspire each other to do something great, and to allow ourselves to be the person or artist we always dreamed of becoming, can sometimes be the best medicine. Fibromyalgia has the ability to cause great pain, but it also offers us the opportunity to rise above and become strong, inspired, and loving individuals.

It is our mission to bring patients, sufferers, and medical professionals together to form a vibrant community, where we can discuss the solution to fibromyalgia and chronic pain, and join hands together to bond over a common goal. Discovering keys and opening doors, leading the way to a brighter tomorrow.

Dr. Howard G. Groshell, Jr

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