How many patients have successfully used your self help-protocol? If it’s so successful why don’t other doctors know about it?

My book is a first time effort to present my fibromyalgia treatment protocol to the general public.  It is well known that our Western medical approach is to treat symptoms with surgery and medication.  My treatment has been so successful in the office over 40 years that I feel compelled to offer this to everyone at this time.  I have seen many, many treatments that address only the symptoms and not the root cause of fibromyalgia pain .  My personal discovery of the first level of pain in fibromyalgia syndrome is also new to scientific literature.

First level of pain has not been identified before as I present it.  It is caused by faulty foot biomechanics which send weakened neurotransmitter signals to the Central Nervous System.  This causes a decrease in energy supply to all bodily systems and latent pain results in the muscles.  This energy flow is likened to electricity flowing through the circuits.

Latent pain is the pain that is present but not discernible until pressure is applied to the area.  Then, the pain is noticed.  The second level of pain, the one you know is there, is caused by external or internal excessive traumatic occurrences.  These stresses cause additional lowering of our bodily energy fields.  Energy fields and energy levels are not generally considered in Western medicine.  This does not mean they don’t exist.  If they weren’t there, you would cease to exist.

My minimal estimate of personal use of my fibromyalgia treatment protocol for postural pain control is 65,000+ times over a 45 year career in practicing medicine.

I have nine books on fibromylagia in a box in my basement, and I can find twice as many in the library right now. What is your fibromyalgia book going to tell me that I haven’t already heard?

The approach to fibromyalgia and the protocol I introduce are totally new to medicine.  The only things in my book that aren’t new are the tremendous importance of proper diet and the reduction of stressful life-style situations.

Why do women get fibromyalgia more than men? Do you have an explanation you can conclude from your studies?

I have seen many more women than men with fibromyalgia.  There are hereditary factors but one simple factor in you ladies is that , generally, you wear less supportive shoe gear.  This causes more stress to the body kinetic chain and energy field balance…simple answer but true in my experience.

You’ve studied and lived in Ohio and Florida. Do you ever get conflicted come football season?

Having attended UF, my answer is easy; however, my wife is from Columbus, Ohio where, as you know, the “other” team resides. All of my wife’s siblings but her attended OSU.  Occasionally we have a difference of opinion but, usually, I win.  Go Gators!  However, my second choice: Go Bucks!

I’ve been suffering from fibromyalgia for 25 years. What hope can you give me that no one hasn’t already promised me?

I explain the root cause of Fibromyalgia which has never been identified before and I show you a new treatment protocol involving the foot that can clear postural pain within minutes.  No medication is necessary.  If the protocol is used properly, the pain will dissipate 80-90% within 10-15 minutes.  The protocol must be practiced and you can become proficient in a short time.  Please view Kate’s testimonial video .  She, too, suffered for over 25 years.

Dr. Howard G. Groshell, Jr

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