Fibromyalgia has been a condition plaguing medical professionals and patients for centuries. The modern day misconception is that fibromyalgia is a condition that doesn’t have a known cause; fibromyalgia pain just seems to exist without having any tangible evidence as to where the pain originates. This misconception is predicated on the fact that the overwhelming majority of the diagnoses are from western doctors who target the SYMPTOMS of a condition, and not the actual cause of the disease. This is an inherently flawed approach, based on the fact that fibromyalgia’s symptoms are so wide spreading.

Thus, arises the need to target the actual root cause of fibromyalgia. Eliminate the source of the pain, instead of trying to knock out its varied symptoms. Dr. Howard G. Groshell, Jr. begins by classifying Fibromyalgia as the First Level and the Second Level of pain.

First Level of Pain:

There is a decrease in the energy level to multiple body systems.  This decrease in energy is due to various internal and external forces.  These may include:

  1. Poor diet
  2. Stress:  physical, mental, lifestyle

All of the above is old news.  Now, for the “new” news:

The foot and poor foot biomechanical imbalances cause 60-70% of the First Level of postural fibromyalgia pain.  The First Level of pain is called Latent pain. It is that pain in which is present in multiple generalized locations of the body but only noticed when the areas are palpated (pressed).  When palpated, the areas are then found to be painful.  Prior to palpation, the pain is not noticed.  There is a lowered energy flow which causes other body symptoms, as well.  These symptoms include:

  1. Low energy
  2. Sleep problems
  3. Anxiety, depression
  4. Cognitive problems
  5. Digestive problems
  6. Chronic fatigue

All bodily systems are affected on a cellular level due to lower energy flow.

Second Level:

As in the First Level, all systems are affected but to a greater degree.  A general crisis causes an even greater decrease in the body’s energy field.  At that time, all previous symptoms are magnified.  The pain is now discernible and intense.

Treatment today is directed toward controlling pain and multiple other symptoms by using drugs.  Dr. Groshell’s book (co-written by Megan Rellahan), East Meets West From the Bottom Up, will show you how to put the energy system back in balance and eliminate multiple symptoms naturally. 

Dr. Howard G. Groshell, Jr

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