The Release of East Meets West from the Bottom Up:

Dr. Howard G. Groshell

In East Meets West From the Bottom Up, author/podiatrist Dr. Howard G. Groshell, Jr. exposes one of the main root causes of fibromyalgia pain. Based on 40 years of tests, a new treatment protocol, medication-free, and designed to target the cause, rewinds postural pain and fibromyalgia syndrome.

Along with Dr. Groshell’s findings, East Meets West From the Bottom Up encompasses case studies, information on today’s culture and its dramatic impact on fibromyalgia sufferers, the most up to date medical discoveries on fibromyalgia, a self-help treatment protocol and much more. Dr. Groshell collaborated with L.A. award winning novelist, Megan Rellahan, to write the book of the future that continues where all the other manuscripts about fibromyalgia left off.

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