“Whenever a new discovery is reported to the scientific world, they say first, “It is probably not true.”  Thereafter, when the truth of the new proposition has been demonstrated beyond question, they say, “Yes, it may be true, but it is not important.”  Finally, when sufficient time has elapsed to fully evidence its importance, they say, “Yes, surely it is important but is is no longer new.”   -Michel DeMontaigne, 15th century

My theory on postural pain is related to faulty foot biomechanics.  I have been told this is an interesting theory.  Recently, I have conducted studies, with the use of thermography, to show how quickly this “interesting” theory works to clear bodily energy fields.  It has been said that “seeing is believing.”  Seeing the results of the micromanipulation of the foot converts the theory of built-in body mechanisms into actual fact.   Micromanipulation works so fast on clearing bodily pain that, in discussion, it seems unbelievable.  However, thermography, being an acceptable science, does not lie.

Dr. Howard G. Groshell, Jr

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